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Why would I buy a book that I can read for free?

Half of the profits will help make impossible ideas, necessary.

What's your idea of the future?

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Ideas should be available to anyone regardless of circumstance. I made the book free so that anyone could read it. This book was a labor of love to write, edit, and illustrate—not something to make me rich. Initially, I was just going to develop this website, post all the content online, and put up the for print, ePub, and Mobi versions for download, but then I started to think that more was possible.

There were three problems I thought about after dotting the last period: (1) traditional books are slow, (2) they are usually read alone, and (3) they end. Designing the book to exist digitally and online pushes the boundaries of what a book could be, and it is an incredible opportunity to respond to these problems and more.

In the book, I suggest that pluralism (i.e., the idea that many peoples will co-exist on more equal terms) will be the only necessary value in the future while other values will simply be more probable. So I want to know peoples' audacious visions of the future. I already know my conclusions, but I want to know yours. What do you think is considered impossible, but would be amazing if it were necessary?

Post your ideas on the on Reddit, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter (@possiblefuturew #possiblefutureworlds). Or you can e-mail me at thomasnguyen@possiblefutureworlds.com.

I will invest half of those profits toward one or several ideas. It really depends on the nature of the ideas, what revenues come in (if any), and what's the smartest way to spend the money effectively. I'll keep you up to date here and on the above networks.

You can purchase the book from Gumroad, Sellfy, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and eventually from Apple.

Pay what you want at Gumroad.      Available at Sellfy for $4.99.      Available at Amazon for $4.99.      Available at Barnes and Noble for $4.99.      Available soon at iBooks for $4.99.

I might suggest using Gumroad since you can set your price, and they only take 5% of the price (plus 25 cents per transaction). Amazon takes 30% (plus 70 cents per transaction) and Barnes and Noble takes 35%. So say you choose to pay $4.99. (If you really want the e-reader versions for free, you can pay $0. Enjoy the book!) I would receive 95% minus 5 cents of what you pay on Gumroad (about $4.50), while I'd only get about $3 from the other services. But you might trust the others' name brands more. It's up to you.

Sure, on the one hand, your idea could be as bold as travelling to Mars, ending a civil war, or finding a cure for cancer. Or maybe it could be a Kickstarter-like idea or investment.

However, even I realize that this is a self-published book on theory and philosophy, and it's not likely that many people will pay for something they can get for free. But even if whatever small pocket change that I garner is spent on making sure that a poor kid gets a meal that he or she otherwise wouldn't have, a homeless person gets a sweater in the dead of winter, or an unemployed person gets a pair of shoes for their next interview, then even in some small way, we will have made what someone once thought was impossible, necessary.

The future is not over yet.