global trends, values, and ethics

 Thong Nguyen

What will our future be like in the next fifteen to twenty years?

According to policymakers in the US, EU, Russia, and NATO, trends may bend in many potential directions, ranging from the rise of technologically empowered individuals; to an aging, more crowded, urbanized, and resource-stressed planet; to a more equal, interdependent, and interconnected borderless citizenry; or to a competitive stage where once developing nation-states will increasingly co-define the contours of a no less divided globe. In the end, though, some future worlds may be freer than others. Some less just. Others possibly more peaceful, and still others more diverse. We must work toward a logic of one world to understand what will be possible, impossible, and necessary. The ethical choice for us then will be to determine what degree of our values we can achieve not only in the next fifteen years, but also, as we have in the past, for the longer future of humanity to come.

About the Author

Thong Nguyen is Fellow of the Future Worlds Project at Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs and Data Lab Program Administrator at the International Peace Institute. He has previously worked at Columbia University and consulted with the US State Department. This work represents his own views. He is also the co-founder and co-programmer of www.bld3r.com, a 3D-printing community. He holds a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University as well as philosophy and political science degrees from the University of Texas at Austin.

Contact him at thomasnguyen@possiblefutureworlds.com.

Online Course

Carnegie Council asked for me to teach a course on the e-book for its Ethics Fellows for the Future on www.globalethicsnetwork.org. The fellows come from all over the world, ranging from England, China, Japan, Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, Canada, and the US. However, anyone can freely access the course materials below. Here's the syllabus.

The course may take a minute to load. It is recommended that you close other windows. You can also access the course in full here.
If you have problems loading, visit the course in segments at: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Global Ethics Day

The book and course were presented on October 15–16, 2014 for Global Ethics Day and Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs's centennial, followed by speeches by Michael Ignatieff and Peter Singer.

Essays by Carnegie Council's Ethics Fellows for the Future 2015

Download Possible Future Worlds: Essays by Carnegie Council's Ethics Fellows for the Future 2015 (New York: Carnegie Council, 2015) or read it online at www.carnegiecouncil.org.

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